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Sky Blue Nursery School is of great value to the opportunities of the youngest children.
Care about their future, too!

The headmaster of Sky Blue Nursery School is desperate. If he is not in possession of 3,200,000 Dalasi before June 2023, the land on which his school is built will be sold. The school must then make way for housing. A new start elsewhere is not possible.

The headmaster founded the school himself. He has given everything for more than ten years to make the school a success. He has already faced many setbacks. But he can’t take this bump. Not alone. He needs our help. We have great love for the school and the headmaster. Help us help him and the children.

Sky Blue Nursery School

Sky Blue Nursery School is a school in the Latrikunda district, Banjul (The Gambia, Africa). The school was founded by headmaster Babucarr Secka. He saw that many young children were roaming the streets and wanted to change that. He decided to quit his paid job and started a school with five young children in a friend’s shop.

He taught these children to read, write, sing and play. Soon there were many parents on the doorstep who wanted him to teach their childs as well. The space became too crowded. He rented a piece of land on which there was a garbage dump. He cleaned up the garbage and built a clay building there. He moved the school here. Soon the government was on the doorstep. The building did not meet the requirements of a school. A leaking roof, vermin, too many children in one room, no sanitary facilities and no running water.

Safety and education

Children in The Gambia are not subject to compulsory education until the age of eight. Unfortunately, the living conditions of parents are such that children are deployed at an early age. At best to cooperate with the parents, at worst they end up on the streets, in the drug trade, have to beg or even prostitute themselves. In Sky Blue Nursery school, children from 3 to 8 years old are safe and can be children.

What does Nursery School mean?

Sky Blue is a nursery school. That means it is a pre-school, primarily aimed at promoting health and well-being of the youngest children, In different year groups the children learn pre-school skills, playing and singing. And gradually, with initial reading and math, they build a solid foundation for their further school career. Currently, about 125 boys and girls attend the school. Every day there are new children at the door who are very eager to go to school.

Important in the neighbourhood

The function of Sky Blue Nursery School in the neighbourhood is of great value for the chances of the children growing up there. Many residents of Banjul are illiterate. Unemployment is high and the chances for illiterate people on the labor market are minimal. Many (especially) young men work in prostitution for tourists. In this way they maintain their family and often other families. It is essential that the new generation can enjoy education. It’s the only way to build a healthy society.


Sky Blue Nursery School has received a right to exist from the government since toilets and running water are present. For the most part, the school pays for itself through the school fees that parents pay for their children. The school pays the salaries of the teachers, the teaching materials and the lease of the land. The school is also dependent on donations.

The land is for sale

The school is built on rented land. Like in every city in the world, land prices are also rising in Banjul. The owner of the land can sell it well. And this is also planned. The school can buy the land. If the school pays, it can remain. But the amount the owner asks for is so high, this can never be paid by the school.

Help too

Sky Blue Nursery School is in danger of disappearing. If the land is sold to a project developer, it will demolish the school and use the land for home construction. Moving the school costs too much money and means the end for the chances of the youngest children. We cannot let this happen! We have created the Save Sky Blue Foundation because we know the school must be saved. We cannot save the school alone. But with your help we can make it work! The sale is planned for July 2023.

Give the children in Banjul the chance to continue going to school 

You can help by sharing the Sky Blue story on social media or by bringing it to the attention of potential sponsors. You can contribute by donating to the foundation. Because the foundation is ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation), this can also be tax-free in The Netherlands. Every bit helps!

On behalf of all children of Sky Blue Nursery School: thank you very much!

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Save the children