Mission and strategy

We believe that all children in the world should have access to education to enable a better future in their home country.

The mission of the Save Sky Blue Foundation is through ensuring the continued existence of Sky Blue Nursery School to increase opportunities for a better future for children in the Latrikunda neighborhood of Banjul, Gambia.

A sustainable promising future for the children in Banjul

In Banjul, children sometimes contribute to the family income at an early age or fall prey to crime, forced prostitution, human trafficking or substance abuse. Together with the headmaster, school board and teachers of Sky Blue Nursery School, the foundation is committed to increasing the children’s chances for a better future. The headmaster does this by providing a good education; we do this by contributing to the survival of the school. By raising funds to purchase the land, which is now being rented.

Future plans

Buying the land saves rent every month. Money that can be better spent. The headmaster has big plans for the school, where he wants to educate 3 to 18-year-olds. In this way, he wants to increase the children’s opportunities for a promising future. So that they can pursue their dreams. Not only children dream big!

Will you also help make their future dreams and our mission a reality?


The work of the foundation consists of raising funds and donations. The foundation will use the money raised to enable Sky Blue Nursery School to acquire the land on which it is built in 2023. To do this, the foundation is approaching both individuals and businesses. At least 90% of the funds will be used by the foundation to achieve this goal. This will be reflected in the annual reports. The directors will receive no remuneration in this regard, including for travel expenses incurred.

Save the children