About us

How it began

When Marco first flew to The Gambia for work in 2011, he saw the poverty. He saw the luxurious hotels and sun vacations of his passengers in stark contrast to the underprivileged youth in Banjul. He realised once again what advantage we have in being born in The Netherlands. And that people are given unequal opportunities in their lives. How can the youth in The Gambia get a better future so they can work their way out of poverty? He got into a conversation about this with the British public relations officer at the hotel he was staying in. She put Marco in touch with the headmaster and founder of Sky Blue Nursery School, a pre-school in a poor neighborhood in Banjul. Headmaster Secca welcomed Marco with open arms. It soon became apparent that the school lacked everything. There was no running water, no toilets, rickety furniture and not always enough money to pay the teachers. Although the poorest children wore the school uniform, they walked in rags outside school hours. Marco decided to help.

We want to do something

Since then, Marco, now president of the foundation, regularly goes to Sky Blue Nursery School with a suitcase full of children’s clothes. With help, the headmaster built a brick school in 2013. Among other things, we financed the annex building with sanitation and running water with the help of family and acquaintances. We always provide support with financial and material items such as teaching materials and clothing. Marco maintains close contact with the headmaster so that our contributions to the education and development of children and teachers always end up well.

Since then, Marco, now chairman of the foundation, regularly goes to Sky Blue Nursery School with a suitcase full of children’s clothes.’

Does the school have to go?

The owner of the property on which the school is built, wants to sell the land. The survival of the school is in danger. The headmaster has great plans to expand the school in order to give the poorest children the chance of a better future.

To enable the school to buy the land, we established the Save Sky Blue Foundation in 2019 to raise the funds. We agreed with the owner of the land a price of 3,200,000 dalasi, to be paid in July 2023. Converted, it’s about 65,000 euros, but with many, it should work.

Who are we?

Marco is the chairman of the foundation and the physical link between the Netherlands and The Gambia. He visits Sky Blue Nursery School regularly.

Wieteke is the secretary of the foundation. She is also the spokesperson of the foundation.

Pieter is the treasurer of the foundation. He writes the annual report and sees to it that the foundation funds are well spent.

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